From March 13th to 15th, we convened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to explore innovative approaches to addressing the loss and damage caused by climate-triggered fires.


During three days, the working group convened to design BASE’s second grant scheme aimed at supporting Loss & Damage caused by forest fires triggered by climate change in tropical forest of the Global South. We brought the ideas of an indigenous person, a scientist, a founder, a climate negotiator, a disaster risk specialist, a humanitarian aid worker, a young advocate and a regrantor in the same room to design an ideal approach to fund loss and damage with justice. We had the absolute priviledge of sitting in that room and see the conversation unfold from complex question to pragmatic ideas.

Two key input were prepared for the workshop: “State-of the art in funding L&D“, prepared by GFLAC; and “Addressing the impacts of forest fires“, developed by ICCCAD

The Working Group was formed by Conceicao Colaco, Katie O’Gara, Brittany Boettcher, Ameil Harikishun, Fiona Spuler, Raju Pandit  Chhetri, Beatriz Roseiro, Nusrat Naushin, Mario A. Salgado-Gálvez, Chandrima Padmanabhan, Samuel Chijioke Okorie, Glenda Monge Alvarado, Avanilson Karajá and Andrew Knight. Here, you can find biographies and more information about the working group.

We learned about forest fires, ways to develop climate attribution, anticipatory actions and parametric insurance; we mapped the ecosystem financing L&D and identified key actors to promote advocacy in order to deliver resources effectively to the right people. We made a field trip guided by EAE Institute in Serra do Vulcão where we engaged in conversations about the fires in the region by firefighters and community members who experienced being in a forest fire. We engaged in meaningful conversations to break silos between adaptation, humanitarian assistance and L&D. Finally, we managed to define which are core values that drive the grantscheme and strengthened the bonds between committed professionals and human beings.

This workshop was hosted by BASE, initiative coordinated by Fundación Avina, with the support of CLUA and Skoll Foundation and in collaboration with several partners. It is worth noting that three years ago, Fundación Avina started envisioning BASE as a truly collaborative mechanism to have a more just climate finance ecosystem. Now, we are in the process of designing how it can inform the Loss & Damages Fund and we’ll collectively dream bigger to put Global South demands first.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”. From Margaret Mead brought by Paula Ellinger, Director of Innovation at Fundación Avina.