The 17th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA17) took place in Bangkok from May 22nd – 25th, 2023. Over 200 practitioners, community representatives, local and national government planners, policymakers and donors from 55 countries gathered in person for a series of workshops on the locally led adaptation principles, exploring how to put them into practice. Highlights of the event can be accessed here.  

Victoria Matusevich, BASE’s coordinator, was invited to co-lead the climate finance theme of the Conference alongside the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and Voices For Just Climate Action (VCA). Also, a session was co-organizing with ICCCAD and SSN under this theme, titled “Strengthening capabilities to secure climate finance: an exchange on funders’ roles and needs”. The purpose of the session was to examine capacity gaps and ways in which vulnerable communities’ capabilities can be enhanced to smoothly access finance, manage it and implement the interventions with transparency and accountability, which can also serve as avenues for social transformation and community empowerment. Participants, including practitioners, community representatives and intermediate organizations, were distributed in 5 roundtables according to the 5 stages defined for a climate finance project. Each roundtable was hosted by a representative of a climate fund but considering a shift in the “usual” role they usually have on this type of sessions: instead of being panelists that address questions from the audience on how to access their funds, in this session funders were the ones asking the questions to the practitioners on how they might reshape their role in building capabilities of local communities. Main messages from this session can be found here.