Selection Criteria

Climate contribution

Offer information at the application stage that helps infer the link between an identified problem, the proposed solution and climate change; and, at the implementation stage, refine this link.

Community ownership

Solutions developed with local organizations, communities, and other local actors who will participate in decision-making processes and resources will be allocate at the local level.


Oriented to forest management, including conservation, restoration, ecosystem services valuation, sustainable use of tropical forests.


Implemented in tropical forests in the Global South.


Consortiums of 2 to 5 implementing organizations, whose missions are intimately linked to the sustainable development of the territory.

The complete selection criteria can be found in the Guidelines


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    About BASE

    BASE (Building Approaches to fund local Solutions with climate Evidence) initiative was born from the conviction that a just climate transition depends on sufficient financing reaching the local level using approaches that ensure climate rationale, simplicity, and speed.